Panagia Chapel has been built according to the traditions of an authentic Byzantine style. It allows visitors to connect with a civilization that dates back over a thousand years. It serves as a beautiful place of worship, a landmark and a shelter in South Carolina. 

Acknowledging rules of art and craftsmanship, and with the purpose to preserve and venerate our Orthodox religion and traditions through a House Of God, we purposely chose this design as it is as functional and as inspiring as it is beautiful.

  • The Structure is SOLID and STRONG with a one piece shell (Walls of 10 inch concrete and roof of 8 inch concrete) with reinforced steel bars. Wall are covered with carved stones and bricks; Roofs are covered with ceramic tiles. 

  • INCREDIBLE LONGEVITY: it will last for over 700 years.

  • EXCELLENT RESISTANCE to fire, Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Tornado, Mold Mildew and Lightning.

  • TIMELESS iconography, the inside of the church is covered with two cotes of stucco so that the iconography will also last for centuries. Paralleling the legacy and style of old churches in Greece, which are more than 500 hundred years today. 





Panagia Chapel Furnishings Project


The Panagia Chapel at the Diakonia Retreat Center depicts different designs that derive from the Byzantine era. It will allow visitors to connect with a civilization that dates back over a thousand years. By connecting with our roots and tradition through the design of the chapel we are engaging our “Ellinochristianikos Politismos,” or our “Helleno-Christian Civilization.” The Panagia Chapel Furnishings project has been undertaken by several different communities and individuals in our Metropolis. By sponsoring different parts of the furnishings to be placed into the Panagia Chapel at the Diakonia Retreat Center, you, or your family, or your community can be a part of this lasting legacy. Below are some ways you can become a  sponsor. For more information on how to donate, please contact Mary Rickman at 803-361-2905 or at .

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