Byzantium Church Builders

Our team is comprised of world renowned architects and engineers with 2nd generation craftsmen.  The quality of work is impeccable and beyond today’s standards!

Our company has standards of excellence within the trades of  metalwork, masonry, marble etc….

Our  Team of Incredible Craftsmen

Acknowledging rules of art and craftsmanship.


Each church we build is meant to be a spiritual sanctuary, a place that the members of your community will be able to call “home”.  We create a House of God that is as functional and inspiring as it is beautiful.
SOLID & STRONG, with one – piece shell (walls of 1- -inch concrete and roof of 8 – inch concrete) and reinforced steel bars.  Walls are covered with carved stones and bricks, roofs are covered with ceramicor slate tiles.
INCREDIBLE LONGEVITY:  it will last for 700+ years.
EXCELLENT RESISTANCE TO:  Fire, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Mold, Mildew &  Lightning


Basilica and Byzantine Style Churches

Byzantine architecture is a style of building that flourished under the rule of Roman Emperor Justinian between A.D. 527 and 565. In addition to extensive use of interior mosaics, its defining characteristic is a heightened dome, the result of the latest sixth-century engineering techniques. Byzantine architecture dominated the eastern half of the Roman Empire during the reign of Justinian the Great, but the influences spanned centuries, from 330 until the fall of Constantinople in 1453 and on into today’s church architecture.

A Landmark for the City and a Beacon for all of Christianity.

Our philosophy has created a legacy of churches all over the world that are undeniable local landmarks and  impressive monuments for all to cherish.

Our team has developed professional ties with some of the finest quality companies in the world.  This  enables us to offer the best quality materials at the most competitive prices.



Bring to life a dream and a place that will serve as a lighthouse in your community for your generation and for many generations to come!


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